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  The Horned Dorset Inn  
The Horned Dorset Inn is the quintessential destination for memorable fine dining and lodging in Central New York State. It has been lovingly managed by the same owners for 35 years. Classical French cuisine that would make Julia Child proud, gracious Victorian accommodations including breakfast en suite, and sensitive service are the hallmarks of this countryside hostelry.  
  The owners also manage The Horned Dorset Colony, a not-for-profit artists’ residency program offering writers, composers and visual artists a one-month stay during which they can work free of worldly distractions: www.HornedDorsetColony.org  
Reservations Suggested: 315-855-7898

Open April 30 - January 3, 2016
Wed. - Sat. 5-9pm | Sun. 3-7pm

2000 Route 8 | P.O. Box 142
Leonardsville, NY 13364